Women who Inspire #2 – Ocean Ramsay, shark woman

The shark extraordinaire…

I first heard about Ocean Ramsay during my recent shark diving trip in South Africa and felt so inspired by this particular Wonder Woman that I had to share her story.

Ocean is a marine biologist, conservationist and a major champion of sharks. She holds a bachelors degree in Marine Biology and a Masters Degree in Ethology – the study of animal behavior.  She is a scuba instructor, a stunt woman and a vocal advocate for many marine conservation campaigns. Oh, and she’s also a swimwear model.

One. Serious. Girl crush.


Ocean’s mission is to reverse all of the negative PR and perceptions of the Great Whites and other shark, and promote the vital role that they play in the marine eco-system. A woman who will happily swim with Great White sharks is bound to have a bit of grit about her, but her desire to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures doesn’t just stop at the aesthetics. Ocean has made it her full-time role to be an advocate for these amazing creatures. As part of her work, she performs ongoing research into shark behaviours, petitions governments and actively campaigns against shark fishing and finning. She also runs the 1Ocean program in Hawaii; an educational program that aims to promote her messages and increase awareness among the public.

In other words, she is one hell of a force to be reckoned with.


And here’s yet another interesting fact about Ocean – as if she wasn’t cool enough already -: she has trained herself to be able to hold her breath for 6.19 minutes (!) which enables her to capture some of the most amazing footage of swimming with the sharks.

You can watch Ocean’s Tedtalk on the importance of sharks to the eco-system here

What do you think of Ocean’s work?