The Belles in Boots ethos….

…is pretty simple. It’s about creating a community of like-minded females who love to hike, travel and have real adventures. It’s also about establishing an identity of confident, relatable women, sharing their experiences with the world, amidst the Instaglam and body-perfect fervour that dominates social media. We love to share our experiences with others on the web, but we are less than impressed with that 300th ‘just-right’ selfie or a manufactured photo that sets unrealistic expectations of the kind of travel we should be aspiring to.

We don’t wake up with a full face of make-up. When we’re outdoors and it rains, our mascara runs too. Our hiking clothes don’t always match and sometimes they just downright clash. There have been times when brushing our hair is the lowest priority, and we definitely, definitely carb up before our trips and wine-down at the end.

So please read up on our adventures, sign up to our newsletter and join up to our adventure club, because we’ve kept a bit of that space for beautiful, imperfect you as well.

Meet the founders

Jazz Rowe

Hi! I'm Jazz, the American in London. I decided to call London my home over 6 years ago when I moved 'across the pond'. Making friends the first couple years were challenging at times, but it turned out that some of my very best friends over the years have been people I’ve met from shared hobbies and passions. The hardest part is turning up, but you do that and we'll take care of the rest!

One of our goals for Belles in Boots Adventure Club is to explore new places and visit some old favourites. My personal goal? I plan to visit every European country before I turn 30 so join us and let's tick off some adventures together!

Elizabeth Harkness

Hi, I'm Lizzie, the English country bumpkin! I’ve never been very athletic and am also typically a wimp. I’ve tried to get good at many different things (including marathon running) but the Belles in Boots Adventure Club is all about adventures we can make our own – it’s about challenging yourself in safe ways that give a sense of shared achievement.

We want to encourage you, empower you and connect you to likeminded females and future friends! Our goal is to expose some of the best adventures to you and bring the best and most instagrammable places to give your friends all the envy.